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August 10, 2009
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August 16, 2009
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Get married in Ibiza

Making the decision to ‘get married in Ibiza’  is just so easy to do, often couples only know the Island through holidays spent here, and suddenly they realise it’s not quite the same trying to organise from afar  the dream wedding for themselves and the guests they wish to invite. Suddenly it becomes quite a  daunting task and this leads to a kind of ‘panic’ as reality sets in!!!!.  So where to start – time consuming trawling web sites, wading through the confusing data – often leading nowhere. …..   forums and blogs are really the best place to start, read what others in the same situation as yourselves have to say, take care not to be lead into just one website – who claim to ‘do everything for you’  – a wedding planner for example – unless of course you wish to go ‘down that route’ – if money is no object then a wedding planner is perfect – email lots (there  are literally hundreds on the Island willing to ‘perform’ as a wedding planner).   Remember,  best use a wedding planner who has plenty of experience!!! – ask when emailing. You also need to have a nice ‘repore’ with your planner, you will be working very closely with them over a period of months, so you must be relaxed with him/her.  Here at Ibizacakes we only make the cake –  but we do get to meet many wedding planners, photographers, restaurateur’s, see venues, churches etc.   We can give an ‘unbiased’ opinion  of our ‘birdseye view’ of weddings in Ibiza.

I am happy to answer any queries you may have and am happy to ‘point’ you in the right direction.

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