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August 10, 2009
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August 12, 2009
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Watch this cake!!

Last weekend saw another lovely wedding with ibizacakes providing a stunning pink creation which WO Wed the happy couple and all the guests as they arrived at the wedding feast.    It proved (as it should have) to be a centrepiece and symbol of the marriage celebration.

One challenge on Ibiza is the heat and humidity, which are both very high in summer.  That provides quite a challenge for cake makers.

A typical Spanish wedding cake is a simple plain sponge, topped with whipped cream.  Sometimes fresh fruit is added, sometimes decorated with fresh flowers. This is delivered at the very last minute by the pasteleria, for immediate consumption.  A bit of a ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ affair, and of course sadly the couple have little say in how it looks.  Often there is no ceremony of ‘cutting the cake’ as this tends to be done without delay by the venue staff to avoid spoiling.

Just one of the nice things about an iced cake by ibizacakes is the care and detail they put into discussing the design with you, so to create your dream come true.  As the premier cake specialists on Ibiza they have developed unique icings which cope with the heat and humidity. Consequently your cake can be a centre piece display right through the reception and wedding feast.

In fact the biggest problem faced by ibizacakes is preventing the venue from ‘popping it in the fridge’!!  Just like a can of Coke straight out of the fridge, it immediately gets drenched in condensation, and soggy cake or icing is nobody’s favourite!

Ibizacakes’ expertise and dedication give you the finest of English traditional and contemporary cake design with the fantasy of your Ibiza wedding.  Why settle for less?  Have a look at a gallery of their work here.

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