FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1What types of cake do you make?
In general terms, either fruit cake, sponge cake or cheesecake. The fruit cake can be either ‘Luxury Fruit’, ‘Luxury Rich Fruit’ or ‘Premier Celebration’. Premier Celebration cakes all contain Brandy, Sherry and nuts. The sponge cakes are either plain Victoria, or Madeira, Lemon or Chocolate based. If carrot or ginger cake or something else is what you really like.... just ask. The cakes can be any shape you choose – round, square, oval, triangular....
2What about decoration?
A Fruit cakes are normally covered in marzipan (almond paste) and then iced with Royal or sugar icing. The choice of icing decoration is up to you… ask for our picture book, or specify exactly what you need. Roses, Lilies or other flowers hand-made in icing, marzipan fruits…. Maybe a company logo for a corporate event… or a photo printed in edible ink on the cake (hard icing only!) Sponge cakes can have royal or sugar icing too, but generally come with soft creamy butter icing – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange… An alternative is a luxury fruit glaze… strawberries, raspberries….. with lots of fresh fruit! Whipped cream?… no problem.
3What size cakes do you make?
A The standard sizes – 6”/150mm, 9”/230mm, 12”/300mm in round or square, plus small individual 3”/75mm cakes for parties/corporate events/product launches. Tiers, with or without pillars are not a problem. After that it’s up to you with only your imagination and your wallet as limits!
4How long will it take?
It depends on the complexity of the cake. A five tier beauty with lots of hand crafted roses obviously takes much, much longer than a single layer chocolate sponge with butter icing. For five tier cake, we suggest you commence discussions at least ten weeks before the event, and place the order six weeks before delivery is needed. For the sponge cake… a few days. Of course… you’ve left it late!! Panic…….!! Can we do it in less time? Yes… we can work miracles, remember though, miracles do cost… so please order in good time! Regrettably we must inform you that unfortunately the impossible is still not available!
5We will be at a hotel, apartment or villa, can you deliver to us there? What about a restaurant?
Yes, of course! We deliver to you at an agreed time. If you want it to be a surprise for someone, we would love to help! Whether you live on Ibiza, or are simply visiting for a wedding or other celebration, we can discuss and agree details so that your cake is ready and waiting for collection or delivery. Ask about our Schhhh…. delivery for surprise parties!
6And what about a restaurant?
Again, no problem, but please remember to obtain agreement from the restaurant or hotel first. Otherwise it’s a bit like taking your own beer to the pub! Without question, this is YOUR responsibility!
7What about presentation at the venue? Cake stand, cake knife, plates etc?
We deliver the cake on a silvered cake board, normally wrapped in cellophane. Quite often villas or hotels do not have the right size stand or proper cake knives, (who wants a beautiful cake hacked?) so the cake might get damaged. We can provide a cake stands, cake knife plates, napkins, and pastry forks. We can also be at the venue with waiting staff to help with the cutting and distribution.
8We would like to keep the top tier of our wedding cake to celebrate the birth of our first child. Will that be ok?
Again, yes of course. We can supply an airtight container, wrap and pack the cake for you to keep. Stored in a cool dark dry environment our premium cakes will be good for three years, but the icing may lose colour and need replacement.
9We’ve tasted your cake. Can you deliver outside Ibiza?
Yes! We can – just ask us for a quote.
10I’m thinking of ordering, but how can I be sure?
Solution: – We can send you a sample of fruit cake and a CD with a big selection of cake pictures… all shapes and styles. Just send €5, or £5 from the UK and receive the cake and CD by return. When you place an order the €5/£5 will be deducted from the price. Sorry to have to do this, but sadly some people do take advantage…
11We have a company celebration – can you help us?
Yes! Whether it’s a celebration, product launch, conference… or special thank-you to someone, we can help. A large cake to share, or little individual memento cakes – maybe with the company logo, or individual faces? Allow us to help take some of the stress out of organizing a corporate event, and make it a memorable success.
12What sorts of other things do you do?
Maybe you have relatives who you would like to surprise… possibly a replica wedding cake for Mum & Dad’s wedding anniversary? How about two photos… then and now printed on the cake? Maybe you’re here for Christmas or other Festival…. ? Graduation… Birthday…… Retirement….. Valentines……. Driving Test…. Mother’s Day…