Ibiza Wedding Cakes

The wedding celebration cake is the centerpiece of your very special day.The traditional cake cutting ceremony is symbolically the first task that the bride and groom perform together as husband and wife. After cutting the cake, the couple proceed to feed one another from the first slice. This evocative symbolism displays the mutual commitment of bride and groom to provide and care for one another.
As the focus of the Wedding Breakfast, it highlights your uniqueness and individuality as a couple when, witnessed by your families and friends you share the first meal of your marriage and future life together.

The ancient Chinese proverb “... a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..” reflects the significance and symbolism of the wedding cake.
Every cake is designed and hand made on our premises following personal consultations and discussions with the Bride and Groom. Our sugar-craft flowers are handmade individually with colors and themes to complement your day, and can be kept as a lasting memento. Your wish, be it for roses, freesias, tiger lilies, daisies, or bouquets of spring flowers, becomes breathtaking reality.

The same handmade sugar-craft flowers can also be made into sprays or bouquets, creating spectacular and unique centerpieces on each of your tables. Maybe an individual flower for each guest as a fond and happy memory...?

Some wedding cake ideas..

All cakes in the photos on this site were done by Ibizacakes.com