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August 12, 2009
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June 7, 2010
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Wedding Planning

One of the major tasks on planning your wedding in Ibiza is helping to organise accommodation for family and friends.  The Most economical way  is to ‘block book’ a hotel for friends and relatives or ‘block book apartments’or even villas , most in fact nearly ALL hotels, apartments – will give a discount if you book a number of rooms, especially well in advance and of course if the wedding is  early or late season.

A good source  is the Ibiza Holidays Group – the owners  are English, bought up on the Island so have a great knowledge and can get you the best rates, in fact most of the accommodation on the websites is ‘direct to owners’ so no paying any ‘extras’Take a look at the websites: Ibiza or the ibiza hotels – they have a contact  email or telephone number where you  reach an English person who can help you to get that –great deal.

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