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June 22, 2010
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June 22, 2010
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Ibiza Wedding cake why??

Ibiza Wedding cake  why??
There is a lot written on my website all about how lovely the cakes look etc etc, I would like to add the REASON a beautiful wedding cake is part of this very important day.
A good wedding cake reflects the colours and theme of the day, the all important photographs emphasise this, if time and thought has gone into the design then the photographer will have positive joy in taking photographs which incorporate the whole scene and this will serve as a wonderful memento of  the day.

 The bride and groom have normally spent months sometimes over a year planning the day, having everything ‘just right’, so when the day is over all of this is stored in the memory,  and in those all important photographs to gaze upon for a lifetime

The size of the wedding cake – also reflects the amount of guests 🙂

The wedding cake is part of the wedding feast and as such should be on display throughout the wedding meal.  It has been made over a long period of time in order that this can (and should) happen.
Finally – when the cake is cut is should taste as good as it looks  🙂

Eileen xx

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