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November 21, 2011
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June 4, 2012
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Ibiza Wedding Trends 2012









2012 has arrived and many of us here on Ibiza celebrated in true Ibiza style by partying into the early hours of the morning….. Well Just

because winter is here in Ibiza and we don’t have any direct flights arriving on our party Island it certainly doesn’t mean that us locals will not carry on in true Ibiza party spirit!!!!

So we are now recovering before the next big event which is actually the 5th January here, as we celebrate the three Kings, oh and of course a few ‘impromptu ‘ parties in between  Hopefully we will all recover enough to get ourselves in order for the serious business of helping couples (young and not so young!) Prepare for their Ibiza wedding this coming season of Ibiza Wedding trends 2012.

Ibiza Wedding trends 2012

Unfortunately as I have said before we do not have direct flights this winter which has seriously deterred couples coming over for a quick ‘reccie’ of the venues, meeting suppliers etc. This means that so many have to trawl a minefield of websites to try and ‘sort out’ which companies can provide not only the best products and service but also within price brackets.
Here at Ibizacakes, orders are flowing in quite steadily, many from direct recommendations, many from looking at pictures of the work I have done in the past. Often the wedding cake is one of the last items on the shopping list, as it is seen as non-essential. It should however be up there with the wedding dress, as it will be on display throughout the wedding meal and just like the wedding dress it take time and planning to get the look exactly right.
The wedding cake should be the centrepiece of the style, theme and decoration of the day, this of course can only be the case if the cake is made traditionally, so that it can be on display throughout the wedding celebrations. A wedding cake made with a traditional icing finish CAN be on display even in the hot summer heat which of course we have here. Obviously direct sunshine is not recommended but a shaded area is perfectly fine. This has been done in European countries for centuries. It was a French baker who first made a ‘white icing’ for a wedding cake in the UK, it became symbolic of a good wedding, the whiter the icing the more prestigious the wedding (the reason being that making very white icing was a very expensive process so only the very rich could afford to do this!). Today of course icing is brilliant white or any colour one chooses to have.
Today the prestige of the wedding cake is the art work involved in creating the edible decoration, just take a look at the Royal wedding cakes to see exactly what I am speaking about, Will’s and Kate’s wedding cake took months and months of skilled work by a team of ‘sugar artists’ it was exquisite. Ok so not many of us can afford to go to quite those lengths….. but a centrepiece made with sugar flowers to match the brides bouquet, or even just the theme of the day, is a remarkable sight, especially when the said cake then tastes as good as it looks.
I leave you with a few pictures of my cakes that I thought were especially lovely for Ibiza Wedding trends 2012.……..

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