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One of the most important aspects of creating a beautiful wedding cake in Ibiza especially is how it is to be displayed. Many times my cake has been stuck on a large plain table making it look dwarfed and plain. When I approach this subject with my brides they generally have no idea that table decoration is necessary for the cake.   Obviously they have many things to think about for their wedding day especially as they mostly planning from far away. So below are a few tips on how a wedding cake should be presented to get the best from it

It is important that the cake which is an expensive item is displayed well; I ask my brides if they have thought about how they want the display to look and also about the theme of the wedding day.  I often provide extra cake stands so that the table has a display as opposed to just a tower of cupcakes or a simple 2 tiered cake, this way it spreads out and with not much else available I am able to make something pretty without extra cost, adding a lace ‘vintage’ table cloth, some large LOVE letter, transforms a plain view into something pretty.  If my bride is using a wedding planner then the good ones will discuss this with the bride and I have often had occasion to smile satisfactorily at the table display with my wedding cake or cupcakes in the centre.

Some brides only work on keeping the cost down, this doesn’t stop them from having a very pretty table, in this case it is good to ask the venue for a small table, then add perhaps petals + love letters.

The wedding cake should take centre stage at the wedding after the bride’s dress it is the most visual thing.

Here are a few tips on how to make a beautiful display for your wedding cake:

  1. Speak with the venue to have a table of the right proportion to the cake, ask them to put this table in a position which is on view to all the guests but out of harm’s way and of course not in direct sunlight.
  2. Make sure the table is level, this really does make a difference to the display a slightly wonky table can be very distracting from a cup cake tower or a tiered cake.
  3. Make sure the backdrop is pretty behind the cake, if there is not a good backdrop then consider making something to go behind the table, it really will enhance the cake.
  4. Have the cake displayed on a cake stand that enhances your  theme of the day, the cake stand can alter the whole aspect of the overall view of the cake.
  5. The possibilities for the display are endless, candles, candelabra’s , flowers, drapes, photo frames, shells  etc etc. Think about the style you are using throughout your wedding day and make the cake table the centrepiece of that.
  6. Consider adding glass jars or dishes and filling them with similar coloured sweeties, the sweets will be inexpensive but change the table dramtically.
  7. If you are using a wedding planner make them aware of what you want on your table, I have known wedding planners even add pretty dressing table mirrors, which of course looked stunning.
  8. If you are planning yourself then speak with your cake maker she should help you on the design of the table and even provide items should you have trouble bringing them out yourself.
  9. Enjoy!


I have made many displays over the years and if you take a look on my pinterest board you will lots of them.



Ibiza’s Queen of Cakes. x

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