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August 3, 2010
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August 17, 2010
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Ibiza Weddings

Organizing your wedding in Ibiza is a once in a lifetime event, the planning should be enjoyable, so therefore while you are home (generally in the UK)   take time browsing the internet and acquiring information, gradually sorting it into your own personal tastes.  Then come and visit!!!   Visiting Ibiza is essential – that special place to hold your wedding ceremony is the place you fall in love with.    Most weddings on Ibiza are ‘blessings only’, so therefore Ibiza is your oyster regarding the type of area setting etc.  A cliff top wedding, a beach wedding, a countryside wedding on a yacht, or in a church the choice is endless.  Of course when choosing your ideal setting, money and logistics start to come into play.�
A flight to Ibiza can be as little as £30.  Ryan Air fly’s all year from Stansted. There is always reasonable accommodation available:  look here: Ibiza Hotels   (run and owned by local English people who have a vast knowledge of the Island).
 Cliff tops etc are free,  a remote cliff top requires all your guests to arrive at this destination, if you have 50 or so people then you will probably need to hire transport to and from this cliff top, also if it is early afternoon, it will be HOT, so chairs and shade are called for. Probably a drink too, so this all costs, but of course can be done, on Ibiza anything is possible!!!
A beach setting is beautiful, the sand between your toes as you make your special vows to each other in front of family and friends – bliss, but it can be extremely hot, late afternoon is the best time on a beach around 6/7pm is ideal, the last of the sunbathers have left the sun is low in the sky so guests can be suitably dressed for the wedding ceremony.   Shade, chairs and a drink is called for.  For a beach wedding to work really well the best idea is to use a beach restaurant they will have the chairs, possibly shade and of course drinks. The guests can make their own way there or you can arrange transport yourselves – depends on budget. Many beach restaurants on the Island cater weddings from the simple beach bar/cafe to the sophisticated beach club settings, anything is possible.  Some even have small private beaches perfect places to hold the ceremony, many will help with the planning, the transport, the flowers, the music the decoration etc…
Countryside settings:  ideally in one of the Agro-Turismo Hotels these can be beautiful events with everything on hand many even have a setting ready for the ceremony to take place, including superb accommodation for yourselves and guests.
A private villa a week or two in your own private villa with caterers, suppliers, ceremony host etc coming to you this can be a wonderful day too, choose your own dream location. Come and look at the villas before renting, there are literally hundreds for rent so shop around for the best price and place.  Most of the caterers will also provide a planning service included in the price. (For decoration, flowers, ceremony host, chairs, transport etc).
Special events venues, dotted around the Island are large beautiful restaurants used only for weddings/private functions. Everything is on hand prices are generally very good again they generally include helping with the planning.
Yes on Ibiza we have a large wedding industry, so make your choice on what is best for you, then seek prices and come to look!!!!! It’s a wonderful excuse to have a few days on this beautiful Island!!!!!�
To ‘do it yourself’ take a look at this new up and coming site: Weddings in Ibiza 
 Wedding planners can and are a great help, but of course it will cost, obviously they work hard so they have to be paid.  If you are busy and really do not like organising then a wedding planner is the perfect solution, they will search for the perfect venue for you and include all of your dream ideas into one special day.  I have worked with many and recommend from firsthand experience: deliciouslysortedibiza, cafemamboibiza, ibizamanagement, lareinaoca,  ibzinc.com.

Eileen xx

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