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October 28, 2011
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Ibiza Wedding Trends 2012

 Wedding Cake Trends Ibiza 2012


A new trend which is really taking off  is a ‘sweet table’  or dessert table-  which includes those fabulous treats  such as macaroons – coloured and flavoured  to match the day– lollipops for the  pure fun,  sweets,  rock sticks  (with or without the couples initial’s or names inside)  whoopee pies  are becoming increasingly popular too, an  American thing now taking of in the UK.  And the lovely ‘cake pops’.  A display like this looks great – but does require a lot of work, so beware it is expensive.

Traditionally a wedding cake was made from the best and most expensive ingredients hence the rich fruit cake which required time and skill. Now as we all have an abundance of food – almost anything goes, therefore couples often as not opt for a sponge cake as it also gives the added benefit of many flavours, of course to have a good sponge cake also requires skill and the very best ingredients.

Some couples even choose  a cheesecake, profiteroles, or similar  – which unfortunately has to stay in the fridge until required  taking away that glorious centrepiece which should be the focus during the wedding feast.

I am now preparing to go to the UK – and during my stay I will be getting married 🙂  and YES I have made my own wedding cake, rich fruit as  due to the logistics of taking it to the UK  I needed to make it in advance and take it over in our car, which we did 2 weeks ago.  Watch this space I will post pictures end of November 🙂


I will leave you with a few photographs of some of my favourite wedding cake centre pieces of this season at beautiful venues such as:  Amante, Cap Des Falco, Blue Marlin, Gecho Beach Club (Formentera) etc   Oh and just one of my favourite man  🙂  – that lovely ceremony host Hedley Paul – see his website here:


Have a lovely winter, enjoy the wedding planning – I am

Eileen xxxx

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