Ibiza Cakes and the Royal Wedding Cake .
March 27, 2011
Wedding Cupcakes
September 16, 2011
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The Ibiza Wedding summer season 2011

Sea shells at Amante Beach Club

Beautiful edible sea shells Ibiza

El Chirniguito at Cala Grassio Ibiza

beautiful lace wedding cake

Ibiza white Cascading roses

6 tiers 30kgs of wedding cake!!!!

Atzaro Country Hotel cascading roses

Fuschia pink and white Ibiza wedding cake

The season is well under way and I now have a small break before the ‘wedding season on Ibiza’ starts again with a vengeance. I am enjoying this immensely as I have my young grandson staying with me  who at the moment is helping to create lime green roses for a cup cake tower (I do have a few wedding cakes this month) – well – let me explain, he has his own work station and somehow the icing seems to disappear rather than take on the form of a flower  he loves this work which appears to be because he rolls out some and the rest goes in his little mouth!!!!
Whoops ……. Mommy is not too happy about this 

Ibiza wedding cakes as I predicted before the season started have been very diverse this year – following on from our ‘Kate and Will’. I have made many tiered romantic wedding cakes – even as much as 6 tiers extravaganza’s which was for famous Dutch models and the wedding was featured in the Spanish version of the Hello magazine.
It took quite some work to deliver and set up this cake, thankfully I have a Engineer as a partner who was invaluable in helping with the logistics of this cake!! Including carrying it in sections to the private villa where the party was held (the cake weighed over 30kgs!!). It looked spectacular and it was enjoyed by all!!
For cup cakes I have had the pleasure of making some really beautiful cakes, following the ideas of my brides. One of my favourites has to be the very pretty ‘butterfly cup cakes’ following my bride and Groom’s theme I made mint green roses with hand painted edible butterfly’s. A completely different style was a desserts table which was bright red and white with ‘brightly coloured’ extras consisiting of cup cakes, lollipops and macaroons, macaroons are not the easiest things to make 
The most difficult so far this season was making ‘meringue’s for a birthday party, making them is quite straight forward, BUT the humidity on this Island meant that they had to be kept very dry in a room with a de-humidifier working 24hours, transporting them and setting the cake up was a logisitic I fortunately didn’t have to do.
As the sea air is so humid during the summer months, I have to be careful where my cakes are set up as humidity and sugar icing do not mix . Fortunately I have perfected my recipes so that the cakes hold beautifully for the whole evening allowing the cake to be on display throughout the wedding meal ready for the cutting ceremony – which is either after the speeches or before the couple’s first dance.
For the moment I am preparing for the very busy September month, I have lots of different designs to produce, at the moment I am making ‘ orchids’ for 75 cup cakes, very time consuming .

All in all it is a very good season for Ibiza weddings.
I will leave you with a few of this season’s cakes……. />[/caption]

beautiful butterfly's

Ibiza tiered cake

Gecho Beach Club Formentera

Punta Verde Talamanca dessert table

red and white desserts table

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