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August 17, 2010
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September 27, 2010
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Ibiza wedding flowers and cakes

Last week I made what was for me something a little different, the lovely English bride and groom met in Australia, consequently they had very fond memories of the country and fauna. So they decided upon Frangipani’s for the decoration on the wedding cup cake tower. This was my first attempt at making these stylish flowers , it is quite intricate to make and involves twisting each petal together to form the flower followed by painting the centre with bright yellow edible petal dust, finally coating with a white pearl shimmer powder.
The finished product was quite impressive and of course different, I was delighted to deliver and display this cake at the marvellous venue of Amante beach club.
It rained that day, (this is supposed to be very lucky  denoting a long and happy marriage! Fortunately it did not rain until the evening so they and their guests were able to enjoy the beauty that is the rugged coastline of Sol Den Serra, the party then retreated onto the terrace for the wedding meal followed by entertainment from the lovely singer Rudy. It was a wonderful day for all concerned and I am sure will live as a precious memory for Andy and Teri.
Eileen x

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