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Ibiza Cupcakes

Cupcakes remain a very popular style for wedding cakes on Ibiza,  I have always held the belief that it is a lovely way to have a wedding cake, the guests get to choose an individual cake with its own hand made decoration and of course the bride and groom have their own cake for the cutting ceremony.

I love creating new designs for cupcakes, although many of my original designs still prove to be very popular.  A seashell theme is lovely at the beach side venues, I do like to add a flower or other decoration to each cake to give it a little more interest though! By adding a flower or other decoration it enables me to add color of the theme of the day, often couples have a soft color in the flower and table arrangements so it is doubly nice to add some of this color to the wedding cake, as  the wedding cake is a very large focal point of the day.

I use as many different techniques as possible with cupcakes, as this makes them interesting and hopefully gives the completed cake the wow factor, it still looks brilliant to see a cupcake tower with every cake the same, for instance I did a really lovely tower at Atzaro a few weeks ago, the cupcakes were all finished with handmade calla lilies, 130 of them, the finished product looked very impressive. Again at Atzaro I did a lovely ‘vintage rose effect’ cupcake tower which really was lovely with all the cakes finished differently I  used sugarveil to help with the finished effect on these cakes. The possibilities are endless, the effect can be totally different, for instance I did a black and white tower, the butter-cream icing finished in a really bright white with black laser cupcake holders, rather a striking cake. This year was the first year that I made cupcakes inside cornet holders too, again a very different and dramatic effect. Take a look at my gallery of cupcakes to see many of these designs.

The boxed cupcakes are a wonderful way to present the wedding cake too, the little cakes are put in a clear plastic box tied with a ribbon, I have a large specially made stand which holds upto a 100 cupcakes and of course a top cake. The cakes are then given to each guest to either eat on the day or take away to enjoy the following days, no wasted cake and of course the cake becomes the ‘favor’ so a good way to save money too!!

I do make many tiered cakes, in fact I think there were more this year than last, some so big even my Husband had trouble carrying individual layers to the location. Of course as often as not the cake has to be transported over very rough ground before arriving at its final destination. Always the most stressful part for me!!!  I try to construct the cake at the destination as much as possible,  although with some designs this is really difficult as once made they cannot be ‘man handled’ as the fine sugar craft work would break if held.

Please do take a look at some of my many cupcake designs and send me any ideas you would like for your own very special wedding cupcake tower .

Eileen xxx

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