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December 19, 2010
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Ibiza romantic wedding cakes

Like many of the lovely people who are fortunate enough to live on the White Isle I spend most of the winter not really working. Although ask any of us dedicated ‘wedding people’ and you will find we are very busy indeed behind the scenes. Besides speaking, meeting and emailing brides and grooms to be, I have also travelled to the UK on a number of occasions looking for the newest and most innovative products for this season’s wedding cakes.
The theme this year is moving on and (almost) away from cupcakes. It may be because our Royals are marrying this year that cake makers are pushing forward with new romantic designs. The return of the abundance of the sugar craft flower is everywhere. Wedding cake designers are convinced that William and Kate will choose a ‘romantic wedding cake’ as opposed to the ‘art deco’ style that has been around on the larger cakes for some time.
As I love the romantic pretty style too I am enjoying making new designs which will hopefully wow the Ibiza wedding couples this year for their own very special wedding cake.
The wedding cake even here on Ibiza is a very very important part of the wedding ceremony. The day you marry only happens once in a lifetime, the pictures stay with us forever, on the day itself guests are wowed with the spectacular (or not!) creation which should sit on prominent display throughout the wedding meal. Not only should the wedding cake look spectacular it should also taste wonderful.
This is and has always been my mission to create something individual and special for each and every one of my wedding couples.
At the International Wedding Cake exhibition (held in the NEC Birmingham). I spent two days trolling the stalls for the best new ideas and trends. There are on display some fantastic wedding cakes, which would be lovely to recreate but as you can imagine the cake designers spend literally months and months working on that one display. This is obviously not possible for each and every wedding cake, but I do use some of these ideas to make them something more affordable but none the less spectacular.
During March the second important ‘cake exhibition’ is held in Farnham in Surrey, I shall of course be there! Squires produce the very popular Wedding Cake – A Design Source Magazine. Which is perfect for finding a wedding cake design for your special day, I frequently have my work displayed in this magazine.
Back to the cupcake, although the trend is steering away from cupcakes, they are still and of course should be very popular, becoming ever more ‘pretty and dainty’. Cupcakes wrapped in lace paper, in pastel designs or pretty soft pink cases are really the way the trend is moving, I personally love the idea of the cupcake as each and every guest has a delicately hand finished cake all to themselves, with the added benefit of no messy small portions which are not quite so attractive on the dining tables.
I will be posting some pictures of the newer latest trend cupcakes soon.
Take a look at a few of my new large cake designs right here.
By the way I am in the process of having a new website built and I will be putting more of my work on this new website. So please watch this space if you are looking for fresh ideas for your very own special cake.
In the meantime enjoy your wedding planning and the build up to your own very special day.
Eileen xxxx

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