Finding a wedding photographer:- Asking around for recommendations is a great way of finding all suppliers for your wedding. If you love the professional photos from a friend’s wedding, ask who their photographer was. It’s also worth asking your reception venue (as they may work regularly with florists, wedding cake designers and other suppliers) whether they have any recommended photographers, as well as looking out for wedding magazines with photography supplements where you can really get a good idea of a photographers work.

Meet your wedding photographer

Before booking a wedding photographer, it’s important to meet them. It’s crucial that you get on well with all suppliers at your wedding, but especially important that you get on well with the photographer – if you’re relaxed, chances are you’ll get great wedding photographs!  Always ask to see examples of their work. As well as seeing the quality of their work, this will enable to you to see whether you like their style. Some wedding photographers may take very formal shots, while others will have a more informal ‘reportage’ style and it’s up to you to decide which you prefer, or whether you would like a combination of the two.

Ask your wedding photographer questions

It’s always good to visit a photographer armed with a list of questions. You might put these on your list:

  1. How much do you charge and are there various price options?
  2. Have you taken photographs at our venue before? If not, will you be able to visit the venue before hand?
  3. Do you offer colour and black and white photography?
  4. Will you be using a digital camera or film?
  5. Do you charge for travel?
  6. Do you offer any extras such as thank you cards with photographs?
  7. If you’re unwell on the day of our wedding, will you send another photographer?
  8. Are we able to get hold of the negatives or a disc after the wedding?
  9. How much will you charge for reprints after the wedding?
  10. When do we need to pay a deposit and when is the final amount required?

Wedding photography – read the small print

As with all suppliers, be sure to read the small print before you sign. You need to be aware of what happens in case of a cancellation, or if there are any problems with the camera or processing, as well as all the price details so you can work out the final cost.