Finding a wedding florist in Ibiza

The best way of finding a wedding florist is to ask for recommendations. Your venue may
work regularly with local florists, photographers, wedding cake designers and other suppliers, who might also be able to recommend florists they have worked with. If any flowers catch your eye in the run up to the wedding – perhaps in a hotel, restaurant or at a friends wedding – this is the time to be nosy and to ask who the florist is.


Magazines, books and websites are a great source of inspiration when it comes to seeing wonderful photographs of flowers and finding listings of local suppliers. Tear out magazine pages that inspire you and keep them in a handy folder – as well as helping you find your florist, they may help you decide upon flowers and styles.

Meet your wedding florist

When you’ve found one or two florists, arrange to meet with them. A good florist should be able to show you examples of their work, and to suggest initial ideas that work within your budget  (Don’t forget the budget!!). It’s also important that you get on well with all your wedding suppliers. Chances are you’re going to have numerous conversations with them so it’s crucial that you can talk well through your ideas and feel happy that they are involved and committed to your wedding day.

Wedding flower ideas

In order to help a florist understand exactly what you’re looking for, and to create appropriate designs for your wedding, take along photographs of flowers and arrangements you like the look of.  Take also if possible, fabric swatches from the bridesmaid dresses, and photos of the venue. They will all help to build up a picture of your wedding style. A good (local) florist should ask to pay a visit to your venue to see exactly how the arrangements will work.

Your wedding florist is the expert

While a good florist should take your ideas in to consideration, they’re also likely to make other suggestions – what’s in season and therefore cheaper, and so on. This is the point to stand back and listen to the expert – chances are they know more about flowers than you do! If you’ve got your heart set on having lily of the valley in all arrangements, and a budget of £700, it’s not going to happen. Let the florist suggest alternative flowers which will work as well, and also fit in to your wedding budget.

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