Wedding days are busy, especially for the Bride and Groom.  This means that some guests may have little chance to chat to the auspicious couple.  An evening party or a group excursion to a big club (see for tickets etc) is a great way to mix and meet all the guests.  Alternatively, if you or your family have a villa, a leisurely luxury barbecue in the sunshine and into hot evening is a very ‘Ibiza’ way to chill out and relax with your guests, either as a reception party, or on the following day.

And finally… saying thank you

Most guests will travel a great distance to share your big day, and also send a wedding gift. Both deserve thanks, and this is best in the form of a very personal hand-written letter or card.  A nice touch is to make them personal – mentioning the particular gift, and commenting on how lovely it was to see them at the wedding, and then signed by you both.