Many couples have a private legal ceremony in a registrar’s office (or equivalent) and then celebrate with a marriage blessing ceremony here in Ibiza.  This provides the moment for both them and their guests to happily celebrate and bless their union without restriction so often placed by traditional churches, priests and ministers.

Many feel uncomfortable with such traditional approaches to marriage. Church weddings usually conform to quite a rigid pattern, usually only allowing their own faith to be mentioned and many priests and ministers are reluctant to marry anyone other than regular church-goers. They are also quite restrictive when it comes to which hymns, songs, and readings you may choose.

Registry Office weddings are often time-bound and allow very little opportunity for creativity and freedom of expression. They also do not allow any mention of anything religious or spiritual.

Some people are unable to commit to a legal ceremony but nevertheless want to somehow have their relationship honoured and blessed together in front of family and friends.
Whatever your situation, you can on Ibiza create the ceremony that is right for you. A ceremony that honours your background, beliefs, values and circumstances, and if appropriate, your religion and faith.

Your marriage blessing can be carried out at any venue, given the appropriate consents, and the blessing given by any person you choose.  While this freedom clearly is open to abuse, it is gratifying to watch the tenderness and love evoked by many such ceremonies.

Good words, sincerely spoken by a clear voice are ever a delight to the heart and the ear.