If you would like to have a wedding ceremony (blessing) on Ibiza with the English speaking church you will need to contact them direct giving yourself/them plenty of advance notice. To have the marriage blessing in a church here you must give at least six months notice. The English speaking church will send to you a registration form together with a set of ‘marriage preparation questions’ which you will need to think about then fill in and return. You will then be invited to have an interview with the chaplain a few months before the ceremony to discuss and finalize the arrangements. The English speaking church here is very strict on this visit and you must both attend at least one interview and one church service prior to your ceremony. You will also be required to attend at least two services in your own local church and you should provide confirmation of this from your local pastor or vicar. In other words you need to have some church/parish involvement in order that the chaplaincy here will perform the ceremony.

The following documents will be required:
a) a copy of the civil marriage certificate.
b) a copy of your baptism certificates – at least one member of the couple should be baptized.

Fees and Expenses
The Anglican Chaplaincy, known as The English Speaking Church on Ibiza and Formentera is self-supporting through voluntary gifts by the members of the congregation. It ministers to expatriates, as well as all English-speaking residents and visitors. In order for our small church to maintain this extensive ministry, there is a fee for all wedding blessing ceremonies which covers the administration costs and the time of the minister involved.
Fees should be paid before the day of the wedding, preferably at the rehearsal arranged to prepare for the wedding day.

Question: Are photos and videos allowed in the church?
Answer: Yes, but they must not interfere with or distract from the ceremony. Photographers should check with the presiding minister for instructions. As a general rule, photos may be taken when the bride is entering and leaving, but any photos taken during the actual ceremony should be taken from the back of the church.

Question: Is it possible to place flowers in the church.?
Answer: Yes, you can – however you need to arrange the timing of getting into the church.

Question: Do we need to use the traditional wedding marches, music etc.?
Answer: No. Within reason any music is possible. We discuss this at the interviews. Our church musicians can advise you as to what is appropriate.

The church choir is of an exceptionally high standard. They are available for weddings and can bring an added dimension of beauty to the service. Bookings have to be confirmed a minimum of a month before. The choir do not charge a fee but ask for a voluntary donation to the chaplaincy funds.

Question: Can we get married in a hotel, beach, restaurant, private home or other venue?
Answer: This topic is presently changing and developing. Please contact Terence Freeth for details

Hello, my name is Terence Freeth and I’m a lay minister with the Anglican Church on Ibiza.
I can officiate at wedding blessings both in church and at private venues.
The service, whether in church or a private venue, follows the Christian ceremony and naturally must include a bible reading, the Lord’s Prayer, the vows, and exchange of rings.
The wording can be adjusted to suit your preferences and can be discussed at the interview.
Please remember – applicants need to already have undertaken a ‘civil’ wedding service and therefore hold a marriage certificate, which I need to be shown before the wedding blessing.
Terence Freeth
Tel:     0034 971331089
Mobile: 0034 607580306